About these images

Equipment used:

Camera - FujiFilm S5100 with reversed Canon FD 50mm f1.4 lens on homemade macro stage, auto-focus mode, manual exposure, 2-second shutter delay; or FujiFilm S6000fd with Raynox M-250, camera settings same as above

Lighting - 100W GE Reveal natural color incandescent bulb in flexible neck desk lamp fixture

Post-processing - Minimal processing using Paint Shop Pro 9.01 with the exception of the HP PA-RISC 7000 MOIC image which is an auto-stack of two images taken at different lighting angles stacked using the freeware Registax astronomical image stacking software. Note that the colors seen in these photographs are the actual colors produced by the diffraction/refraction of the light illuminating the dies. They are not artificially added or modified.